Fire System Inspections

We’ve all heard of the recent Grenfell Tower fire in London and the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire in California this past year. Both were tragic incidents in which many lives were lost, and sadly both were occurrences that could potentially have been prevented. Fire safety is one of those things that is so important, yet is often talked about only after a tragic fire happens. Companies put other people’s lives at risk when they forget to update their systems, or if they don’t practice and enforce fire safety within the company, or worst of all, ignore national safety codes in order to save money. Each of these can cause a preventable disaster.

Inspections & Maintenance Keep Your Systems Up to Code

Maybe your building’s systems are outdated or you’ve decided to forgo regular inspection this one time—regardless, you are vastly increasing your likelihood of a major catastrophe. Is your company willing to take its chances with fire rather than ensure fire protection, suppression, and alarm systems are all up to code? These inspections ensure you are in compliance with industry standards at all times. Whether your company uses a wet or dry fire protection system, regular maintenance and testing is required and necessary.

Prevent Loss of Lives and Property

Unfortunately, fires happen, and having a system that is outdated or needs maintenance in order to work properly, leads to tragedy. The loss of your business, technology, information, and worst of all, the loss of lives, can often be prevented. By building up to code when it comes to fire safety systems and maintaining a regular testing and inspection schedule, you are ensuring the best outcome in the case of an accidental fire. The NFPA, or National Fire Protection Association, sets the standards to maximize safety and ensure an immediate response in case of a fire emergency. Make sure your fire systems contractor is a NFPA certified inspection team.

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At International Fire Protection, we work with all types of systems including, wet and dry systems, pre-action, special hazards, fire pumps, fire hydrants, back flow devices, fire alarm systems and security systems. Our field employees specialize and are trained in working with all types of fire protection systems. We are continuously educating ourselves to ensure we are always up to date on the newest technology and standards when it comes to fire safety. Contact us for a free inspection quote so that we can help ensure your fire protection systems are working properly.